You are not a true raver by the way you dress: you are by how you act.

I’ve seen girls in tutus, trip pants, bohemian dresses, jeans, bikini tops, graphic tees, tie dyes, khakis, formal wear. I’ve seen girls in flip flops, no shoes, high heels, platforms, gladiator sandals, sneakers. I’ve seen girls with kandi, with no kandi, with hoops, with poi, with gloves.

I’ve seen guys in trip pants, t-shirts, no t-shirts, mesh shirts, jeans, shorts, swimsuits, boxers, costumes. I’ve seen guys in flip flops, sneakers, stage shoes, Birkenstocks. I’ve seen guys with hoops, with gloves, with poi, with kandi, without kandi. 

It does not matter how you dress.

It does not matter if you get fucked up.

It matters how you represent the rave culture,

And how you promote PLUR.